GX6 Activity Trainer

The perfect training partner for the exercise enthusiast or athletic family.


✓ Easy to use
✓ Space & Time Efficient
✓ Constant or Variable Resistance
✓ Wide Variety of Exercises
✓ Integrated Pull-Up Bar


Grab a Handle & Go

The easiest to use and safest type of functional trainer.

Three tiers of pulleys (Upper, Middle & Lower) means no need to constantly adjust pulley positions.

Six exercise handles means workouts can be completed without having to make any accessory changes.


Space & Time Saving

Small footprint with a recessed workout space minimizes the total required workout area.

Minimal pulley & accessory adjustments results in less downtime and incredibly fast workouts.

Integrated accessory storage keeps everything neat & tidy and within reach.


Functional & Dynamic

Tone and build muscle by performing unilateral & bilateral functional cable training exercises.

Boost results with variable resistance training which is proven to maximize muscular involvement.

Any movement, any speed. No limitations.


Max. Resistance: ≈ 210 lb. / 95 kg (150 lb. / 68 kg. Weight Stack + up to ≈ 60 lb. / 27 kg. of variable resistance)
* An optional 50 lb. / 22.5 kg upgrade is available
Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 60″ x 38.5″ x 83″ / 152 x 98 x 211 cm
Product Weight: 410 lb. / 186 kg

Residential Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty*
* Click here to see the full warranty details

Exercise Videos


What are the benefits of variable resistance training (VRT)?
1) Greater Overall Strength – VRT maximizes muscular involvement
2) Increased Power – VRT challenges your muscles more when they are in a position where they can take it.
3) Reduces the chance of your gains stagnating due to repetition and muscle memory by offering exercise variety.
4) Safety – reduce the amount of constant resistance at the beginning of an exercise to take stress of the joint at the most vulnerable moment when your muscles are at a disadvantage. 
5) Allows users to complete “high-speed” cardio exercises (boxing, cross-country skiing etc.), sports actions (e.g. full intensity golf swing) or ballistic movements (power cleans etc.) on a cable machine without the cables jumping (temporarily losing tension) due to the momentum of the weight stack.

Can I easily change between constant and variable resistance?
Yes. Simply, remove or add an equal amount of recoil resistance tubes from each side of the weight stack as you please.

How many intensities of variable resistance are available?
Three. You can add one, two or three recoil resistance tubes to each side of the weight stack if you wish to complete an exercise with variable resistance.

Which variable resistance intensity should I use for each exercise?
We recommend to begin with one recoil resistance tube on each side which is great for rehabilitation, youth or beginner training. Depending on the range of the exercise (amount of cable pulled) anywhere from 5 lbs. to 20 lbs. of variable resistance will be added to the constant resistance selected on the weight stack.

Use two bands each side for shorter range exercises (e.g. tricep pushdown) where more variable resistance is required in a short exercise range, when completing faster movements such as cardio exercises like boxing or users who wish to develop greater power in a muscle area.

Use three recoil resistance tubes when performing explosive or ballistic movements such as a full-speed golf swing or where less constant resistance and maximum variable resistance is desired.

Will the equipment scratch the floor?
The equipment is fitted with molded rubber protective feet that will prevent damage to the floor and are far more durable than plastic end caps.