GX6 50 lb. Add-on

Increase the GX6 Activity Trainer weight stack from 150 lb. to 200 lb.


Solid Steel
Incredibly Durable
✔ Smooth Performance
Seamless Integration


Increased Range
If you max out a 150 lb. weight stack on certain exercises then no need to worry. Simply, install the 50 lb. Add-on and boost the weight stack to 200 lb.


– Solid Steel
– Smooth Textured
– Product Weight: 50 lb. / 23 kg

Which gyms is this GX6 50 lb. add-on compatible with?
Only the GX6 Activity Trainer

I am not sure if I will need the extra weight. Can the GX6 50 lb. add-on be installed at a later time?
Yes, but you will need to remove the entire upper frame and standard 150 lb. weight stack to change the weight stack spacers to the shorter set that come in the 50 lb. add-on box.

Are the 5 Weight Stack Stickers for the 160-200 lb. plates included in the box?
No. Those stickers are on the same sheet as the 10-150 lb. stickers that came with the gym. If you are purchasing this 50 lb. Add-on after your gym has already been assembled be sure to check you still have those stickers. If not, you may purchase them from our Parts Department by emailing help@paradigmfitnessequipment.com.

Lifetime on all Parts

Light Commercial*:
10 years : Frame
5 years : Structural Moving Parts, Guide Rods, Bearings, Bushings, Weight Plates & Pulleys.
1 year : All Other Parts including Finish, Paint, Cables, Pull Pin Components & Upholstery.

* Limited Warranty. View the complete Product Warranty for full details.

Boxes: 1

  • Box Dimensions:  10″ x 6″ x 8″ / 25 cm x 15 cm x 20 cm
  • Box Weight: 52 lb. / 23.5 kg.